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Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction

Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction Hypnosis CD



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“Who else wants to know how to break their addiction to chocolate?”

 “Now, there’s a proven way for you to break free from the taste, smell, and sight of chocolate”


Many find chocolate irresistible.

ü  We crave chocolate

ü  We savor it

…And we enjoy it.

As a matter of fact, does the sight, smell, or the simple thought of chocolate just makes you want to take a bite out of it?

We’re talking about a chocolate candy bar, brownie, double chocolate cake, fudge rounds, chocolate pudding pops, and everything else in between?

Well, don’t feel too bad because you’re just one of millions of people across the globe who find themselves craving for chocolate and indulging in it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

We’ll take a wild guess that just the thought of having a piece of milk chocolate melting in your mouth, is something that is hard for you to resist.

But what if we told you that simply “thinking” about chocolate is actually the way to overcome your chocolate addition, would you believe us or would you want to know more?

We’re talking about being able to overcome your chocolate addiction so you can finally lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose, lower your blood sugar levels, or for any other reason.

We’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, let us explain…


Why do people like YOU become addicted to chocolate?

In case you didn’t know, chocolate is made from cocoa beans from a fruit tree. However, researches have discovered that the same alkaloid chemical compounds found in wine, beer and liquor are also present in chocolate.

The combination of the alkaloid compounds and other chemicals found in chocolate explains the reason why people, maybe even you, have chocolate cravings.

But like any addiction, there is a way to overcome it. That’s where this new, breakthrough recording that we’ve created comes in.

With this unique NLP self hypnosis recording, you’ll finally be able to…

ü  Stop feeling empty and depressed if you don’t eat chocolate

ü  Eliminate your chocolate cravings

ü  Limit and control the amount of chocolate you eat

ü  Boost your overall health

ü  See your chocolate cravings disappear virtually overnight

In fact, 

You may even quit eating chocolate all together because you’re sick of it…

Now we know that right now, it’s hard to imagine yourself being so sick of chocolate to the point that you don’t even want it anymore.

Well, with this unique self hypnosis recording, you’ll be empowered with a private hypnosis session that goes through the process of eating 30 days worth of chocolate in order for you to feel sick and become repulsed by overeating chocolate.

Just how do we know it works?

It has been researched and scientifically proven that eating in your imagination curbs your appetite.

The study conducted on several groups of chocolate eaters revealed that eating in your mind does in fact make you eat less.

In one group, chocolate lovers who imagined eating 30 M&Ms ate half as many pieces of chocolate as the other group, which was instructed to imagine eating only 3 M&Ms.

In conclusion of the study, it showed that those who imagined eating more of the M&Ms ate 50% less chocolate after the study than those who imagined eating only three pieces.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that with the help of this unique hypnosis recording, you’ll finally eliminate your cravings for chocolate once and for all once you say yes to our….

Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction Self Hypnosis Session...

The Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction recording is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, heard, or tried.

This breakthrough recording takes you through the process of eating 30 days worth of chocolate in one sitting.

That’s right, the techniques uncovered in this unique hypnosis session shows you, step-by-step, the process of feeling like you’ve eaten 30 days worth of chocolate in minutes.

The end result: You’ll feel so full that you’ll virtually banish your chocolate cravings in real life!

In fact,

Here’s how it works 

The Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction recording is specifically designed to boost your overall health… by using the power of your mind to eliminate your cravings for chocolate.

It’s one of the first solutions that’s scientifically engineered to increase your mental energy, well-being, and the sense of no longer need chocolate. 

Because NLP and hypnotherapy work in combination with each other to re-train your conscious and unconscious mind, they are excellent tools for getting rid of your chocolate addiction.

The Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction recording:

·          Is 100% safe

·          Has NO side effects whatsoever

·          Is guaranteed to eliminate your chocolate cravings once and for all


You risk nothing because the results are guaranteed! 

When we say that you risk nothing, we mean it. In fact, we’re so sure that The Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction recording will help eliminate your chocolate cravings that we’re going to take all of the risks away from you and place it on ourselves.

What this means is that we’ll give you 60 days to try and test out the effectiveness of The Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction recording and if you don’t experience results then just let us know and we’ll insist that you let us refund 100% of your money.

In fact,

You can try The Hypno-Control For Chocolate Addiction CD for only $17.95

For only $17.95 (normally $39.95) you’ll finally be able to kick your chocolate craving to the curb and get on with the rest of your life with better health and no more dependency on chocolate.

Eliminate your chocolate addiction now!



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does it feel like to be Hypnotised?
A: It is a state of relaxation, similar to the moments before we fall asleep at night or meditation. Relaxed, yet still aware and totally in control! (Similar to day dreaming).
Q: Can anyone be Hypnotised?
A: Anyone who can follow simple instructions can work with hypnosis. Those people with high intelligence, good imagination and a strong will usually get the most rapid and dramatic results. It is true that some lucky people find it easier to access a deeper level of hypnosis than others, however, the deepest levels of therapeutic trance are only necessary for drugless pain control or childbirth. A light to medium level of hypnosis is more than adequate for most situations. After all, chances are that you were not in deep hypnosis when the problem started!!
Q: What’s on the CD?
A: The CD contains a relaxation procedure before the main spoken suggestions are made to the subconcious mind. All change in our behaviour needs to be programmed into the subconcious mind. The CD contain hypnotic music during the whole process to put the concious mind to sleep and access the subconcious mind. Please note that this session begins with 1 minute of just soothing background sounds to give you time to lie down and get comfortable. Also, after the session, the background sounds continue for another 15 relaxing minutes to help you get into a truly deep and relaxed sleep. Enjoy!!
Q: How long am I supposed to use the CD for?
A: You can listen as often as you like, however the following schedule is suggested:
Nightly, and then 1-2 times a week thereafter until 3 weeks after the desired results have been obtained.
The more you use Hypnosis to change, the quicker subsequent results from further sessions will occur.
Q: What Format Is the CD?
A: This is an audio CD and can be played on your computer or CD player.
The item is a brand new sealed CD printed and distributed directly by us. 
Note: If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is recommended that you consult your doctor for advice.
The item is a brand new sealed CD created, printed and distributed directly by us. We are the copyright owners. 
Note: If you have a pre-existing medical condition or if symptoms persist, please seek advise from your doctor.

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