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Alkaline Diet Self Hypnosis CD!


$45.95   $19.95
Easily Stick To An Alkaline Diet And Eat The Perfect Balance Of Alkaline Acid Foods... Lose Weight, Gain Energy And Feel Great  On Auto-Pilot... More

Boost Self Esteem Hypnosis CD


$29.95   $17.95
Does it seem as though some people just effortlessly glide through life with incredible self esteem and the personality to match? Would you like to... More

Cure Social Phobia Hypnosis CD


$29.95   $17.95
Eradicate Social Phobia Hypnosis: Cure Social Phobia Hypnotherapy CD with NLP based Therapy for INSTANT RESULTS!  You can get out there and feel... More

Eliminate Depression Self Hypnosis CD


$29.95   $17.95
Eliminate Depression Hypnosis: End Depression Hypnotherapy CD with NLP based Therapy for INSTANT RESULTS!     Depression is only a mental... More

Enjoy Great Sleep Hypnosis CD


$29.95   $17.95
Relax your way into a deep and energizing sleep and wake up feeling great!   Calm your mind and ease away the stresses of your day... More

Instant Confidence Self Hypnosis CD


$29.95   $17.95
“Who else wants to instantly BOOST their self confidence and believe in themselves so others will too?”   If this is you,... More

Kids Confidence & Self Esteem Hypnosis - Double Track Cd!


$34.95   $19.95
Help Your Child Increase their Confidence and Boost Their Self Esteem the EASY and FUN Way!!!   This powerful combined 20 minute... More

Kids Mind Power against Bullying Guided Self Hypnosis Cd!


$34.95   $19.95
Help Your Child Keep a Strong Mind against Bullying using specially guided self-hypnosis!   Ideal to play before bed time, this audio CD... More

Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hypnosis CD


$29.95   $17.95
  Are You Ready to Sleep Less, Have More Energy, and Get Your Life Back?   This powerful self-hypnosis CD is a safe and... More

Stop Bed Wetting Hypnosis CD


$29.95   $17.95
  Are you ready to stop wetting the bed - And Wake Up Dry?   Put an end to sleepless nights for both you and your child.... More

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